Sprinkles, better known as Jen in the "real world" is a long-distance hiker and active blogger.  A 2012 Appalachian Trail thru hiker and a Great Smoky Mountains 900-miler, Sprinkles began seriously hiking in 2010 after a knee surgery made it difficult to do high-impact exercising.  After meeting Appalachian Trail speed record holder Jennifer Pharr Davis in 2011, Sprinkles decided she should jump in with both feet and make her dreams of a thru hike a reality.  This hike changed her life and now she lives for the mountains. Since 2011 she estimates she has hiked more than 8,000 miles.  When Sprinkles isn't out in the mountains hiking, you can find her running trails or roads and training for ultramarathons. 

Sprinkles is currently blogging for the outdoor website Appalachian Trials and has done guest posts for The Lightest Backpacker and Hiking the Trail.  She is also currently an ambassador for Spandits!, Altra Running, and Legend Compression.


NoKey, AKA Patrick, is a 2012 AT thru hiker, but before he was a hiker he was a mountain biker.  He biked across North Dakota on the Maah Daah Hey Trail in 2011 before taking up hiking.  He and Sprinkles met at Mountaineer Falls Shelter at the then 400-mile mark of the Appalachian Trail and have been hiking together ever since.  NoKey has also recently taken a canoe trip down the Allegash Wilderness Waterway.  

The end of our 2012 thru hike. 

The end of our 2012 thru hike. 

Sprinkles and NoKey met on their individual thru hikes of the Appalachian Trail in 2012. Sprinkles hiked into Mountaineer Falls Shelter at the 400.8 mile marker where NoKey was staying for the night.  The next day, in late April, the temperatures fell and they found themselves staying at Black Bear Hostel in Hampton, TN.  Urging her to connect when they reached the next town of Damascus, VA, the hikers said their goodbyes until a few days later.  While in Damascus, we ended up staying in town together with a large group of people and hiking together out of town.  1800 miles later, they ended up hiking together until the very end of the trail.