I get asked A LOT about the gear that I carry.  Instead of writing out another blog post, I thought it would be helpful to put it here.  I do not weigh my gear as many people do. I just don't find it burdensome to carry what I have.  With four days of food and 2 liters of water I carry between 17-22 pounds.  If you have any suggestions to where this page would be better seen, please shoot me an email!

Sprinkles Gear List: 

Pack: Gossamear Gear 2012 Mariposa (this is different from the one they currently make) with a Sea to Summit silnylon pack cover.  

Hydration: 2 Liter Camelbak bladder with Sawyer Mini filter.  I use this filter as an inline filter, meaning my Camelbak is a dirty bag and I filter through it.  I wash my Camelbak in town every time we go in. I also use a Smartwater Bottle for mixing flavored drinks or to drink in camp. 

Cookware: GSI Pinnacle Soloist pot system; Vargo titanium spork; MSR pocket rocket; Z Packs Roll Top Blast food bag. 

First Aid: Leukotape (duct tape for humans - get this now!); ibuprofen; Gold Bond Powder; Pepto Bismol Tablets; Carmex; chewable melatonin. I also take B12 supplements and Calcium plus D.   

Hygiene: Mini shampoo and conditioner (my luxury items!), Dr. Bronners, Picaridin, toothbrush, and Tom’s of Maine flouride-free toothpaste, baby wipes, toilet paper and a plastic trowel, Lady Cup.

Sleeping: Thermarest NeoAirChinook 36-degree micro mummy bag; Klymit X pillow. 

Clothing/Storage: Z packs medium stuff sack for the sleeping bag; Gossamer Gear stuff sack for clothing; bandana, Buff, 2 pairs Darn Tough socks, cheap running shorts (for town),  running shirt (for town), and a long-sleeved athletic shirt I got free from a race.  My clothes I’m wearing will be Darn Tough socks and Saucony Rock It bra, a wicking shirt, a Spandits! skirt, and a pair of Spandits! boardie shorts underneath (with the extra pocket option!).  Camp shoes are some weird random roll up shoe I got for five bucks back in 2008 and I have no idea what brand they are.  Hiking shoes are Altra Running.  Currently, I'm alternating between the Olympus, Lone Peak, and Timp models depending on my standing around (guiding) versus hardcore hiking ratio. 

Rain Gear:   Gossamear Gear Liteflex Umbrella

Tech: iPhone 6 in a Catalyst case, phone cord for charging in town. I'm also now carrying an Anker charging unit on longer hikes where I'm using my phone a lot.  

Tent: When I'm guiding a trip by myself or going solo, I carry a Nemo Hornet Elite 1 person tent.  I love this new tent and it's taken TWO POUNDS out of my pack.  

I will also obviously be carrying whatever maps and guidebooks will be necessary to complete the trails we will be hiking.  This will change throughout the hikes, so I didn’t cover it here. And, of course, if you're wondering if some of the gear you have is something you REALLY will need on the trail, check out my post about what gear you won't actually need on a thru hike as compiled by the AT Class of 2012!