Please email me if your questions cannot be answered by checking out my social media links.  Please know that since I am a hiking guide, it may take me a few days to get back to you due to being off-grid!

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Appalachian Trials

If you want to read some of my trip reports, you can check me out over on Trail Journals.  I am Sprinkles and I have active journals for all my hikes dating back to 2012.  


Q) I would like to meet up with you guys for trail magic/hiking a section... how do I do that?
    A) Unfortunately, we will not be updating our location in "real time" due to the fact that you never know who is out there reading our blogs and updates.  Close family and friends will have a better idea, but trying to maintain a schedule to meet up or put our live location on the internet is not something we are choosing to do.  Thanks for understanding!

Q) I would love to send you guys a box of trail magic!  How do I do this?!
     A) Please contact us via our Facebook page in a private message for more information on where you can send a resupply box! We appreciate you thinking of us.  Some things hikers need on a long-distance hike are candy bars with nuts, trail mix, homemade baked goods, mini bottle Dr. Bronner's soap, a disposable razor, etc.  Please do not send canned goods (as we have no way to open them!)

Q) I want to see my product reviewed on your blog!  How can I get in touch with you?
     A) Please shoot me an email!  I will look over your information and email you back as soon as I can.  Please be aware I am a backpacking guide and it may take several days to get back to you due to being out on the trail!

Q) I want to book a backpacking trip/hiking trip with Sprinkles or NoKey!  How can I do this? 
    A) Please check out the company we contract for - A Walk in the Woods.  Based in Gatlinburg, TN with over 20 years experience, A Walk in the Woods has lead over 100,000 people safely through the Smoky Mountains.  Check out their website and use the "book online" option when you find the trip that is right for you!  Don't see something you'd like to book?  Request a custom trip (which we LOVE!)!