What Are You Doing?!

Hey Guys and welcome to my newest followers!  It seems like my little blog has been getting more traffic lately!  I just wanted to give everyone an update as to what is going on with our hiking plans for this summer.  

I announced earlier in the winter our plans to hike four long distance trails over the summer of 2015.  So far, we have plans in the works for the Benton McKaye Trail and it’s looking like we’ll be heading out for that sometime in May.  We are in the process of moving nearly 1000 miles before we leave, so that is sort of where were are right now. 

As for hiking all four trails this year, that probably won’t happen.  I’m thinking we will probably skip the Northville-Placid Trail, as it doesn’t seem to be well-maintained and many (and by that I mean most) of the trail reports I followed over the course of the year make the trail out to be deep mud, very rugged, and poorly maintained hiking conditions.  It honestly doesn’t sound like much fun and paired with the mosquitos and blackflies we’d be seeing in the summer months the idea of skipping this short trail is pretty appealing.  However, the Finger Lakes Trail and the Long Trail are both still going to get hiked this summer. 

As far as preparations go, I was hoping to make most of our food, but with the move and the timeline of our lives right now that probably won’t be happening.  As it happens, these three east coast trails don’t have resupply options that are too awful and, as we learned on our hike in 2012 and from all the places we’ve gone afterward, a good grocery store is only a hitch hike away!  We have great options with Outdoor Herbivore foods, Bearded Brother bars, and Picky Bars for resupply as well and I’m planning on bulk ordering some of these items, however. 

That’s about all the info I have for now… it’s been a long and bitterly cold winter in our neck of the woods, but spring is finally on the way!  Wishing you all happy trails.  Connect with me on instagram or facebook to keep up with all the latest adventures!