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My Thru Hiking Gear

Hey everyone!  First of all if you're new to this blog and you're just here for gear list ideas, WELCOME!  I'm very glad you found this blog and I hope you stick around and use the search feature to find some helpful advice for newbie hikers or wanna-be thru hikers!  For those of you who are regular readers to my blog - welcome back!  This post is just an informational post to help you find a new page I've put on the website.  I am often asked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via email through this website what brand _____ I am carrying.  I have made a few gear posts, but I had an idea: Make a permanent page on the website showing the gear I carry.  Not only will it be easier for you guys to find, it will also be easier for me to update my gear as I switch out or replace certain pieces.  

You can click this link ( and go directly to the page!  Or, if you want to look around on the site, you can find the gear I carry under the "About Us" tab.  Hover over "About Us" and you will get a drop down menu.  The option at the bottom is "Gear We Carry" and you'll find all Sprinkles' gear there.  NoKey's gear list will be added soon!