Flip Flop Flippin' 2 - A documentary film about 2012 thru hikers!

While we were hiking in New York this year, we met a documentary film maker named Squatch.  He had hiked half of the AT last year, documenting the thru hikers and their stories and was back this year to finish his hike and do much of the same.  We only stayed with him twice, but we kept in contact with him and saw him again at The Gathering in West Virginia.  He was a lot of fun to talk with and had great stories from his own hikes on the PCT and the AT.  

Last week, Squatch released his film, “Flip Flop Flippin’ 2 - A search for character(s) on the AT continues…” and I immediately downloaded it to watch.  This film brought back so many wonderful memories for me, knowing nearly every hiker he featured this year.  At points in the film, there are hikers I hadn’t seen since 10 or 11 days in, hikers I never thought could finish the trail, and there they are in Maine only two weeks behind me!  

If you’d like to see the random things we talk about as hikers, the crazy stuff we do, or even the illness we put up with while hiking, I highly recommend watching the film.  You might even see a few hikers you know… (hint, hint!)  You can download the film directly to your computer or order a DVD or BluRay copy of the film at http://www.squatchfilms.com/

Check it out, especially if you were connected to the trail in any way in 2012!