Days 113 & 114
We woke up at 1 am to a downpour! Every time we woke up until 8 am it was pouring rain and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop, so we began packing up all our soaking wet gear to head up Race Mountain. The ascent was steep and rocky with rain and cold wind. For 0.6 miles, we walked along a slick knife edge that would probably be nice with gorgeous views on a sunny day, but today it was terrifying. After doing a lot of slow walking uphill and nearly no walking and only sitting and scooting downhill, we were exhausted! We walked further and found the Racebrook Falls Trail and decided it was 1) Time for a side trail adventure; 2) Time to get off the mountain. We were shivering and could see our breath. Our hands were locked around our trekking poles. We walked downhill steeply and then saw a wonderful waterfall before getting to the road. We walked the road for about 2 miles before coming upon a sporting goods store. I walked in and asked if there was a cab company since we walked 2 miles without a successful hitch and the woman working there offered to close up and drive us back to Great Barrington. We got dropped off and grabbed up a hotel room. The whole crew made it in eventually over the course of the day. We had Indian food and ice cream for dinner and then crashed in a comfy hotel bed for the night.

We zero’d in GB to get some chores done. The boys went to see batman and I did DIY surgery on my toe. My toe feels better now and the swelling is gone, so we’re in great shape. Tonight we get to stay at Button and Bearwalker’s house. They’re former hikers and run an ‘out of the book’ hostel for us. They’re super great people and we had a wonderful time hanging out.