Day 8

After pushing 20 miles yesterday to get to Franklin, I was ready for laundry, food, and a shower. I was planning to get back onto the trail, but the universe had other plans! After getting a lucky ride to town with Ron Haven, Dingo and I cleaned up and headed for the AYCE (all you can eat) buffet! We went grocery shopping and then got back to the hotel, finished our laundry, and I packed up and headed out to hitch. I caught a ride with Shawn, who couldn’t take me all the way. Turns out, it started pouring rain and he didnt want to leave me, so he took me to Ingles to wait it out. While trying to come up with a game plan, a nice woman names Ginger told me I looked like I could use a ride and took me back to the hotel. I roomed with Josh from Arkansas, taking a space on his kitchen floor for the night. Josh, Flame, Dingo, and I went to eat dinner and had a blast before calling it a night. The local church picks up hikers at 7 am for an AYCE pancake breakfast before we head out. I’m Hoping the thunderstorms are done, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to rain all week! I’m also hoping dome friends will catch up soon! I’m missing some of my old crew. I am enjoying meeting all these new people though.