Day 41
Today we woke up to terrible weather, downpour and about 45 degrees in the rocky VA mountains. We decided that we’d zero at Woods Hole Hostel. The breakfast they had here was phenomenal - grits casserole, farm fresh eggs from their chickens, homemade cinnamon rolls, and fresh bread with homemade apple butter, jams, and real churned butter. They even hand roast their coffee and use fresh cream and raw sugar to serve. It was absolutely phenomenal and not a hard decision to stay. Before you eat, you get in a circle and they go around and ask your trail name, your hometown, and then you offer a few things you’re thankful for. I told them I was thankful I slowed down to hike with new friends :) After breakfast, I volunteered to help with a few chores, dishes and sweeping the bunkhouse, and we sat around in rocking chairs playing with the dogs. Spicerack and his wife offered us a ride to town to get our supplies and drops, so Nokey, Snagglefoot, and I jumped in and rode the half hour to Pearisburg. We were able to get and mail out our stuff, resupply, and eat while Spicerack and his wife got their stuff done as well. We got back to Woods Hole to meet everyone just before dinner. I opted out of dinner tonight since I was so full from lunch and had such a heavy food bag from my resupply. I’m looking forward to getting back on the trail tomorrow for sure. The terrain tomorrow looks brutal, so we’ll be getting an early start for sure.