Day 37
Today Nokey and I woke up and decided we felt better and wanted to try for our first 30-mile day. The terrain profile looked easy and we were pumped! We pushed our first 6 miles pretty quick and we were pumped, then we came to a monster downhill followed immediately by a ‘ridgeline’ walk on rocks for six miles. It took us way too long to walk that and by 3 pm we were beat. We made it to Jenkins Shelter about 5 pm and were going to push on five more miles, but we decided to hang out at the shelter. Turns out, everyone came here, including some other people we knew as well! Today was also my birthday, so we celebrated in the best way we could. Nokey gave me a brownie and Dirty Girl gave me a Twix bar. Even though it was a tough hiking day, it was still awesome. We even coined a new phrase ‘birthday rocks’ since birthdays are awesome and rocks are not. The rocks killed our pace and we only did 15.7 in about 9 hours. Rough going for sure, but we all had a great day.