Day 30

Had another long day today, 22.9 miles, but easy terrain! After going to bed in the pouring rain and waking up in the pouring rain, I got to hike for about an hour in the pouring rain :) After stopping at Iron Mountain Shelter to change my clothes and wring out my socks, the hiking was easy and damp. I came across some trail magic from a church at 11 a.m. and then less than 5 minutes later ran into Sipsey and his wife doing trail magic! Then, I got to walk on a handicapped accessible trail that ended in a cow field full of cows! It was very cool to walk through with all of them. The sun finally came out around 12 and stayed out all day, giving pretty views into the valley below as I was on a ridge line all day. I got to a good campsite around 6 pm and ate yet again (7 times today)! TP showed up around 8 and we built a good fire, only to have it start raining and get a strike of lightening in on us! We dove for cover in our tents and now I’m listening to it rain, talking to TP through our rain flys! Can’t wait to get into Damascus tomorrow and see my husband and wear dry clothes!