Day 27

We woke up today in cold and rainy weather, ready to do an easy 16 miles into town to stay at Kincora Hostel. Immediately upon leaving the shelter, my Achilles tendon flared back up and was angry! For 16 miles today, every step I took with my left foot was painful. We did some very easy terrain, but it took me nearly 7 hours to go 16 miles. When we finally got down the mountain to get to the hostel, we discovered it was full! We walked nearly another mile on the road to a second newer hostel and they had plenty of room for us and they sell beer! I spent 22 bucks in the store on miscellaneous food and ate nearly all of it. After a hot shower and clean laundry, I feel more human! We found out the forecast here tonight at the lower elevation is 37 and snow flurries, so we’re happy to have a heated cabin :) I’m hoping my foot feels better in the morning as well. If not, I may be yellow blazing to Damascus to rest for a week.