Day 1

Met lots of people today. The first 8 miles were easy until Hightower Gap! Then we had to climb Mt Sassafras. I learned from Graham Cracker (thru 2002) that “Sassafras will kick your ass” is a popular saying. I agree. Ended up staying at 14.4 miles, a campsite with nice tent pads. Stayed with Andy (baby scrooge), Bob, an Allegra and Jake. Hoping to see Bob most of the day tomorrow. Seems super normal. Trying to go to mile 28, but might need a bear canister? Hoping not, otherwise it will be a super short 10-mile day :( military helicopters started at 9ish and haven’t stopped for nearly an hour. Hoping they quiet down soon! Lots of bloodroot and purple trillium here. Also saw some bleeding heart! A great 1st day on the AT.