Confessions of Hiker Trash

This morning I threw on my grubby old trail runners, leashed up my dog, and hopped in the car to head to Camillus Unique Area, a state forest near my  house.  What was supposed to a short and easy hike turned into adventure in true Sprinkles style.  While there are technically only 5 trails in this park, apparently there are some older, maintained but still rough, trails with ancient blazes that looked too enticing for me to resist.  The hike turned into me and Grace stumbling on to and into the Erie Canal and a beautiful waterfall, and me without my camera!

We tried to head back to our car the same way, just following the old trails, but they became less and less walkable and we ended up retracing our steps and going the long way, which included thick grass, thorny shrubbery, and lots of mud!  After taking a break in the parking lot for water and a little rest in the shade, we hopped into the car to head home which is where I usually do my reflecting on my hike.  So now, confessions of hiker trash: 

I realized today I feel more beautiful in a pair of grubby and muddy trail runners than I do in high heels. 

I’d rather be sweaty and sticky from a day of hiking than comfortable from a day relaxing on the couch. 

I’d rather spend a day outside than a day at the spa (although that would be nice too!)

A day with my dog in the woods is 100 times better than the best day ever at the office. 

I never really knew what life was until I strapped 25 pounds on my back and lived in the woods for five and a half months. 

I’d rather sleep in a tent than a 5-star hotel. 

There are so many other things I could say about how much more at home I feel in the woods than I do back in civilization, but I’ll spare you the rest.  I’m just so happy it’s finally springtime here so I can get outside and enjoy it!