Big Announcement #4 - Summer 2015

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… So far next summer we have announced hiking the Benton MacKaye Trail, The Finger Lakes Trail, The Northville-Placid Trail, and now we’re announcing the final trail - The Long Trail!

Of the four trails we’re hiking next summer, The Long Trail is the most popular and probably the only other trail you’ve heard of!  This trail will be the toughest trail physically for us to hike, running 273 miles from the Massachusetts border to Canada, the length of Vermont.  The Long Trail shares the first 100ish miles with the Appalachian Trail, so the first half of the LT is going to be familiar to us.  The trail breaks off outside of Killington, VT behind the Inn at Long Trail at Maine Junction.  From here, our LT journey will take us into the remote northern part of the state, over the five 4000-foot mountains in Vermont and will be very similar to the hiking trails we saw in New Hampshire and Maine on the Appalachian Trail. 

Not only is this trail going to physically be harder, it’s the trail I am most looking forward to completing, mostly because I really wanted to hike the entire Long Trail on my 2012 AT Thru Hike. Obviously, I didn’t do it, nor did I have the energy after finishing in September 2012, but since that time several of our friends have either hiked the Long Trail or attempted to, making it incredibly enticing to do so. 

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