Business Cards Mean I'm a Professional, Right?

So you guys, whenever I meet people on trail and chat with them for a while it either comes up that I have a blog or people mention they have read something I've written either on Appalachian Trials or here on the site.  It's always really exciting for the recognition, but when people haven't heard of my site or ask me if I have a trail journal, I pretty much have relied on their memory to remember who I am and where they can find me.  

When I worked at the AT Lodge in 2013, I had people give me business cards for their trail journals a few times and I always thought it was a smart idea.  Being that I didn't get my very own domain until last year (seriously, this website has been running for a YEAR?!) I never really felt like I had a reason to hand out a card until then.  Then, life happened and we hiked and moved halfway down the east coast... then I got a job as a hiking guide, and then I had a long winter with lots of free time... and now I finally have the money to do the cards!

Here's how they look!  They're from !

Here's how they look!  They're from!

I looked at quite a few options after creating the card.  I tried several discount business card websites, but every time I uploaded my design they came out really blurry or disoriented.  It was definitely a frustrating process.  Finally, I tried and my design worked.  Unfortunately, the price was more than I wanted to spend.  After debating the  price for a few days I bit the bullet and ordered the card.  When they arrived, I was super impressed and I think the card is worth every penny I spent.  They're thick and have a coating on them, and they're actually a bit water resistant, meaning I can keep them in my pack to hand out and not worry about them being damaged.  Be sure to check out Moo's site for pricing and card options.  While they were more expensive than other sites, I'm super impressed with the quality!

Do you have a card for your website/blog?  I've definitely found it much easier to hand one of these out in the woods - and they really work!  It's helping reach a bigger audience for the content I'm writing!  Who did you use? 

Disclaimer: While this post is not an ad, Moo has given me an affiliate link to share with you guys.  If you check them out I will not be compensated, but may receive a discount in the future on my orders if you're referred by me.