Welcome, 2016!

While most bloggers are writing New Years Day posts about their upcoming goals and trips for the year, I regret to say that I don't really have any for 2016.  My big goal for this year was to run my very first marathon in April.  Due to the fact that I'm working as a backpacking guide now, taking a big elaborate trip, the way we prefer to do our hiking, just won't be feasible this year. While the thought of not taking a thru hike in 2016 does make me kind of sad, I'm also okay with it being that I know I'll be spending quite a few nights out in the backcountry for my job. 

One thing we are hoping to accomplish this year would be international travel.  Now that we finally have started putting down roots and established a permanent address, getting a passport is going to be a much easier task.  We are hoping to save up some money and take some time off during the winter of 2016-2017 while I am off from my hiking guide job.  I don't get the opportunity to do much work in December and January since backpacking season is essentially hibernating during these months.  We have both always wanted to visit New Zealand.  NoKey's big bucket list item is hiking Machu Picchu.  Mine would be do thru hike the Bibbulmun Track in Australia.  We both also want to hike in Iceland, but the winter timeline we have doesn't really make that a good idea in December/January!

Whether you've resolved to get outside more in 2016 or even do an epic thru hike, I hope the new year brings you lots of adventure!