Long Trail - By the Numbers

Since I did a wrap up post for the Benton MacKaye Trail, I've also decided to do one for the Long Trail.  Here is how our hike breaks down: 

Long Trail Facts:

-The trail is 273 miles long officially.  Some miles were cut off this year by the long-awaited opening of the Winooski River Bridge (also the low point of the trail at approximately 300 feet), but since a new trail was built to go over Stimpson Mountain the mileage is still pretty close. 
-The Long Trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the country, dating back to 1910. 
-The trail is marked with white blazes, just like the Appalachian Trail. 
-The first 105 miles are also the Appalachian Trail. 
-The trail goes over three above tree line summits: Mt. Abraham, Camel's Hump, and Mt. Mansfield; the latter is the highest point in Vermont at just above 4,000 feet. 

Our Hike - By the Numbers
-Days hiking: 21
-Zero days (days not hiking during the 20) taken: 0
-Nights spent sleeping indoors: 5 - Green Mountain House, Inn at Long Trail, The Gathering Inn, The Hyde Away Inn, Nye's Green Valley B&B
-Nights camping: 16
-Nights in a tent: 8
-Nights in a shelter: 8
-Days walking in the rain: 2
-Nights camped in the rain: 4
-Miles per day hiked (on average): 13.23 miles
-Longest day: 19.8 miles
-Shortest day: 0.4 miles
-Pack weight: Sprinkles ~20 lb fully loaded; NoKey ~ 24 lb fully loaded
-Body weight lost: Sprinkles - 4 lb, NoKey - 10 lb.